Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Post no bills

Tuesday? never heard of it...

Dreamed I was supposed to feed my mother's dogs. I found a smoked turkey and a bag of dry food in a chest. But that wasn't the food I was supposed to give them. I left the chest open so when I turned around the dogs were slipping on the kitchen floor in a puddle of turkey grease and slobber. Then I was supposed to meet Nod at a major league baseball game. I was sure I knew where I was going until I got in the car and couldn't remember which team/stadium I was headed to. A classic frustration dream, unfulfilled responsibilities and not getting what I wanted.

Downtown zippiness. After going home for lunch and consuming some food I already owned, I drove downtown and went to the office supply store for an ink pad. I have stamps that I want to use for holiday cards. Last weekend I tried using a truly ancient stamp pad I found in the basement. But it produced a piebald partridge image, clearly new ink was needed for full stamping satisfaction. I've got a pad now and know where to get more ink if it needs refilling. On the way back to my car I peered in the candle store window. I shall stew and see if anyone I know needs candling. (I know they catch dust and are fire hazards and yet.) Then I stopped at the library to get the book Kat had reserved. The librarian on front desk duty answered my questions about whether I could foist a book on them. I recently had to get the second book in Ben Aaronovitch's series (Moon Over Soho) through inter-library loan. They need to grab that one because it's even better than the first! I got back to work a few minutes before the end of my lunch hour. I feel efficient *and* smug.

I will get this up on the wall in it's short sweet state. More later if there's time.

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