Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This yogurt biscuit technique has changed my life. Now if I can't think of anything to feed the children I can at least slap some biscuits in the oven and in my mind that highers whatever else (canned refried beans) I throw in front of them. It's amazing! (Current recipe adaptation is to use half white and half whole wheat flour, low fat yogurt, less salt, and a tiny bit of sugar.)

Sometimes the cat is feeling playful and I am really sorry that I am not nine pounds of fur and teeth like she is so we could wrassle. She does like playing Gonna Get You which is a game where I peek out at her and then hide behind a large piece of furniture and then peek out again and try to surprise her. Generally the game ends when she sneaks up silently and pounces on me. I scream but she doesn't use her claws so I know she's playing. Last night I was sitting at the top of the stairs and Zing was at the bottom. I peeked out at her around the bannister and then started down the steps on all fours toward her. That was too much and she fled! The first time I have seen this cat run away except from dogs and flea medicine. Very funny.

Voted by mail last week. I am so glad this day has come! I don't plan to stay up late but may have a glass or two of wine and see how much of the election results coverage I can take. That'll drive Nod away. He keeps saying in reference to the candidates, 'How can they stand to lie so much?' I understand his dismay but on the other hand these people are trying to get the votes of a majority of American citizens. Proclaiming the unvarnished truth doesn't sound like a sure fire way to do that. I need to have political discussions with other people who maybe don't get so angry about the whole stew.

It is a good day for blog reading and I'd love to take a long walk or even a slow run. None of that is what I'm being paid for however. I've made it to noon. I suppose I can scrape up some concentration and achieve worky things for a few hours this afternoon. 

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