Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shiny Glitter Noel To Do List

Festival of trees is a local event where different groups decorate (artificial) trees. It's a big room of themed ornaments. I can't muster up much enthusiasm. I think maybe you're supposed to bid on them as a fundraiser? I think I'd rather make a paper nativity. I have in the past flirted with the idea of making my own. It would be fun to work with wild origami paper for everyone's cloaks. And oxen and sheep! We have a sturdy wooden one my MIL gave us when the kids were little. Sturdy or not the angel's wings and the stable had to be glued back together after toddler attentions. I'm trying to think of the xmas things I want to be sure to do. Am feeling vague. The horse-drawn xmas parade is Saturday and that's a for sure.  Kat will acolyte for Trinity's Lessons and Carols so I have that on the calendar. Travel will dictate some of the rest. I need to get a hold of Bee to check our Texas timing.

Little Drummer Boy Challenge -- I am in! Thank you WouldaShoulda. To play all you have to do is notice whether or not you have heard that (rackinfrackin) song. Once you hear it -- you're out.

I re-learned recently to make my links open in a new tab. I have a text file with the html and a note for where to put it in the link string. And today I noticed that Blogger has a checkbox in the link screen to do this! I'm pleased to have figured out the hand-made approach and pleased that I won't have to use it.

It's been very clear (and dry, koff) here. Last night I saw a strong star to the upper left of the full moon. Thanks you Nod for dragging me away from the stove to go see it. The Bandelier* National Monument people posted on Fbook that it was Jupiter up there. Go look at moonrise tonight if you get a chance. They will be a bit further apart tonight.

*That's a Bandelier picture on my masthead. Mmm northern NM.


Lucy said...

That LDB challenge is wild. I think I could probably manage it quite well here, though one could get caught out. If we ever have doubts about moving here from the UK, they are quelled every year by the recollection that we no longer have to hear Slade's 'Here it is Merry Christmas' ever again, which would sure qualify as one of their 12 Christmas songs worse than LDB. Trying to think what gets our goat here, maybe 'Il est né le divin enfant', but as we tend to avoid the larger supermarkets for the duration it never reaches crisis point.

We had a weird nativity set as kids; it was plastic but someone had painted it with oil paint, which never, ever dried, so it was always sticky. I wonder what happened to it?

Michael Peck said...

Thanks for the LDBC plug, and best of luck with your survival. I'm having a blast running the thing, and it just keeps getting bigger every year. Be cautious, be quick, and you may just make it to the finish line.