Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Summed Up

Watched a hilariously terrible movie with the kids last night: The Lady of Burlesque starring Barbara Stanwyck, 1943. The script was based on The G-String Murders by Gypsy Rose Lee. My kids were puzzled but kept watching it. I did too, it was watchable though it didn't make much sense at all. Definitely a B movie, it felt like a long series of screen tests. Decent actors in real costumes on a real set delivering mostly terrible dialogue. Barbara Stanwyck proves that she can't sing but can do the splits. I amused myself by imagining that the actor playing the police inspector was the voice of the Fractured Fairy Tales in Bullwinkle cartoons. But I was wrong. That delightful person is Edward Everett Horton. Our police inspector, who specialized in calling all the showgirls together for his interrogations was played by Charles Dingle, not a name for lights.

No wine but I did stay up to see that Obama was predicted to win by the mainstream media. The local stations were all carrying Claire McCaskill's speech, she won another term as Missouri's senator. Todd Akin pretty much presented it as a wrapped gift for her. I went to bed satisfied. If Romney had won the world would have continued to turn. But I would have felt like I lived in an America I did not understand. Locally our congresscritter Lynn Jenkins defeated Tobias Schlingensiepen. I couldn't vote for either of them as I don't share values with her and he hadn't any experience to speak of. But I loved hearing that name on the radio. The second 's' is pronounced 'z'. Via fbook I see that a high school classmate of mine who is a surgeon is convinced that the re-election of Obama means that American healthcare is set to get more expensive with less qualified doctors. I would like to know why he thinks that but am not sure I can stand the bitter.

My scarf is about half done, I think. I have to figure out what is a good length. The pattern calls for 100" which comes down to the model's knees. Will look at another scarf that seems easy to wear, to get a length. I'm pleased with the yarn and the pattern. For some reason my yarn overs only show as holes on one side. This is not ideal but as it's consistent I'm not going to worry about it. Looking at my set-aside-sweater, I found that the sleeve has pulled stitches off one of the double pointed needles --argh. It is in a bag and I am not going to worry about that right now. May try and finish the sweater with longer sleeves than I need in order to send it to Mom. That's assuming I can get the scarf done right quick and then whip through the rest of the sweater, probably shouldn't put money on that.

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