Friday, November 16, 2012


Jessa Crispin, the Bookslut, has a piece about masculinity in The Smart Set. Starting question: would you be the same person if you were the other gender? My answer is nope. I hope flighty flowery princess boys will be embraced in the future. We need the whole range.

I've finally started The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson. (Wow, Wikipedia is stepping up their begging banners.) In the last chapter a boy was  castrated to make him a eunuch. Urgh. The poetry and mishmash of world lit elements is fab. I find I am a bit at sea so far with the alternative history constructed out of world history areas that I am not so definite about (Chinese dynasties, the Mongol horde). Either I'll get a better handle on it or not.

Chose not to make cupcakes last night. Kat brought home a loaner chess set with a timer too. We do own a set but it is small and a bit rickety. She beat us all one after the other last night. I hope it was good practice for her. Neither Nod nor I wanted to lay down our king piece in the proper conceding gesture. Need practice being good sports clearly. Kat and I had a good time making sound effects for our pieces. Her king screams a lot.

Back to cupcakes -- that means that I need to get the ass in gear tonight. If I can get them all baked then I just have to make frosting tomorrow morning. And do the rest of the party prep, no problem. (Vigorous suppression of party throwing anxiety here.) Then I get to go to my long awaited haircut appointment. And then the party starts! To celebrate the end of the party I am planning to go to a university production of Into the Woods tomorrow night. Hoping I can get there. It's one of my favorites.

Not sure what to get for Kat for her 11th. Nod suggested a digital camera which I am sure she would be excited about. Moving on to xmas -- I want to get new comforters for the kids' beds but that hardly seems like a fun present for a kid. I think I just get to enjoy that myself.

Kansas State football is currently ranked #1 in the nation. They have our respect and I hope they go all the way. Unironic statement of support for winning college football team, what am I coming to?

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