Monday, November 19, 2012

That Is the Spell

Hugs and big sloppy kisses to the Into the Woods production. It was better than I expected, really strong voices in the cast and very technically polished. The orchestra was even better than the last production I saw. It was tiny when I peeked in the pit afterwards - it looked like only about fifteen musicians. I ended up taking Kat with me as a sort of birthday treat. I hadn't found anyone else who could go when I wanted to. It was a good experience we both enjoyed the show and I was glad to have the company. Bun felt very left out which gave me a pang. But we didn't get home until almost eleven and she would have been a wreck. Still humming songs.

The party was not very well organized but the younger generation didn't seem to feel that was a flaw. I endured it and felt regrets about not having 8 games ready for everyone to play. But there were almost 30 kids and it was going to be a mob scene no matter what. I baked cupcakes and made lots of frosting. It got too dry but they managed to spackle it onto their cupcakes. We sugared them up and let them run around the courtyard. There was a certain amount of moustaches drawn on with washable markers. The 10 and 11 year old girls were extremely civilized of course, if a little moody. If we do this again (big party with all the neighbor kids) I'm going to go out of town have more structured activities to fill almost all the available time.

We have an idea for bday presents for K, a digital camera and a face painting kit. Her sis wants to go shopping for her too, maybe we can get that done on Weds. In between cooking. I decided we needed more turkey and have committed to produce turkey and pies. Hoping this is not hubris. Glad we're not going to be driving anywhere for the hol. Sorry that Nod will have to work on Friday.

Sleepwalky here at work. Going to try another cuppa.

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