Thursday, November 8, 2012


I accused Nod of vamping too much the other day and he misheard it as ramping and it got very confusing. What I was referring to is his habit of announcing he has something to tell me and then thinking aloud about why I might not like it and generally making me want to slap whatever it is out of him. Eventually the point is reached and it's never as dramatic as I think it's going to be from the build up. Vamping is something the orchestra does when the singer misses a cue, just repeat the intro bars and give it to them again.

After a week and a half at his new job Nod is better rested already. He was up in the middle of the night but was able to go back to sleep until 7a. He would have been late getting to the old job but had plenty of time at the new. Thumbs up for new job. Hoping that income will be steady if a bit less than the old place.

Jumped through the hoop this morning for my state health assessment. For our health insurance discount (really good coverage I love you so much, mwah mwah mwah) the state has started requiring more action on an employee's part. I resent it but admit that I will jump through many hoops for this kind of insurance. My plan covers the whole family so it's just shy of vital and is the largest reason I started working at the university. The assessment is a height, weight, blood pressure and finger stick to do a cholesterol levels reading. I can tell they were sucking up because they told me I am taller and lighter than I thought. Perhaps it was to soften me up for the news that my good cholesterol is still low. Cardio exercise is what is supposed to bring that up. Insert good intention here. My hula hooping is good for my back and my belly but sadly does not elevate my heart rate enough to qualify as cardio.

Over the cubicle partition in front of me is a young man who smells of cigarettes and not enough bathing. My neighbor to the right has retaliated with what smells like perfume. So it's a festival of olfactory assault at my desk at the moment. I'm sorry I finished my coffee.

The children are on their own recognizance today and tomorrow. I gave them lunch and insisted that Bun brush her hair. She pouted but the hair was still on her head so she was working on it as I left to go back to work. I feel slightly hinky about leaving them to their own devices but they are somewhat responsible and there are a few other parents around and so far so good.

You should read the Waffle's choir memories. Here's to singing. I have resolved to learn the harmony parts to three Christmas carols this year. I am also going to think about some fun group participation stuff for our carol sing this year.

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