Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I just like that word, vervein. Look how pretty they are. The text says they are slender but erect, a model for us all.

Did you know you can get Baltimore Ravens themed lingerie? An etsy search for 'raven' items turned that up. Elsewhere, here's my favorite raven art print by Kate McLelland. This is a very charming raven Christmas card set by Rick Allen. Ooooh...Shiny (Raven's Bauble) Boxed Cards
If reincarnation is an option after I shuffle off the coil* I would like to be a bird, bring on the flying. I've always thought a raptor's life would be a good one, hunting and soaring seems plenty to hope for. Just realized a couple of days ago that a raven would be good too. The carrion eating does not appeal but otherwise the playful, clever and mouthy profile sounds good. I love the ravens of Los Alamos, NM. I can remember the sound of the croaks as they hopped from the top of one ponderosa to another. They like to swoop on the updrafts at the edge of canyons too, riding them over and over.

* 'Shuffled off this mortal coil' is hard to parse by a modern English speaker. This all-too-brief article helps. I thought it was poetical speech, something about getting out of life's wrapping tendrils. And maybe a little something about shuffling off to Buffalo. But no, it's about getting rid of the bustle, the tumult, the hurry and confusion of life.

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