Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Glow

Saturday was warm and windy. I took a late morning walk with Gen and we went into the southern wind on our first leg so we could get blown home again once we turned around. It was sunny and felt really good. On the way she told me about the Ft. Leavenworth Hunt and I was agog. Made me think of my friend Marian Not a Librarian in San Fran who would love the idea of a military fox/coyote hunting club that gets dressed up and rides to hounds.

I woke up at 4:45 on Sunday morning too warm. After the 5:10 clap of thunder I realized I was not able to go back to sleep. I went downstairs and put some potatoes in to bake and was able to drop off immediately on the couch. Taking the pots out and turning off the oven and timer was only a blip and then I slept til 8:30. It was raining and storming and a wonderful time to sleep. I don't think I am having hot flashes because those sound extremely hot and sweaty. But I am occasionally waking up during the night, too warm, and unable to go right back to sleep. I must be having warm glows.

I was going to make twice baked potatoes, that was why I was doing the pre-dawn tuber wrangling. Never got around to the rest of the prep, maybe today. I baked another batch of gingerbread bars, uncontaminated by tea leaves. It was a win. Everything that I need gingerbread to be.

I noticed when I took our post Hween pumpkins to the compost pile that it was piled to the top of the bin. We have three open stalls for compost but I've never bothered to learn what the schedule or plan for them should be. I asked two neighbors who garden about it and one rolled his eyes and made it plain that we were not maximizing our compost potential. Well duh. But he said that if I wanted to move the compost from the first stall to the next one it would turn the pile and that would be better than a compacted spillover. I worked for about an hour moving the stuff. The best and most smug part is that I got it done right before the rain started so both piles will get well soaked. I love composting scraps, the way it goes from slimy clutter down to almost nothing. I don't have ambitions to have a hot fast pile, just a place for that magic disappearance to happen. (Discworld compost tangent)

Took the kids to an indoor place with inflatable jumpy dealies yesterday. It was a neighbor's idea and we brought five kids to jump for an hour. It was a great use of time on a freezy day. The slide rules (feet first, on your bottom) were not appreciated by the younguns but they managed somehow. We will go back another time.


Minnie said...

Synchronicity. I am composting ideas about starting a new compost pile. I've checked several books out of the library to look at plans. What I've found range from simple wood or wood and wire bins to Chinese Chippendale garden structures. Thanks for the reminder of Modo's legendary compost. No horrors from the Dungeon Dimensions here; all I'll have to worry about will be raccoons.

Nimble said...

Happy composting, of course it goes quicker in the warmer months. I figure our pile is a banquet for the squirrels and racoons but they don't make much of a dent.