Monday, December 10, 2012

Back Laughing

Back on my feet and feeling very grateful. Acting like a fully functional adult until it comes more easily. Felt restless yesterday but as I told Nod, I wanted to leave the house but didn't quite have the energy. Remembered in the nick that Kat was acolyting for Lessons and Carols at church. It was just the right dose of outing for me. Stand, sit, sing a carol, listen to beautiful music, repeat a few times, go home.

Clearer about what we're planning for the xmas Austin invasion. Nod wants to wait and shop in Austin rather than try and pack presents. I believe I can safely attribute this strategy to his Y chromosome. The wii u from Georgia will come soon. We will hide it until we return so we don't die from pestering (can we set it up now? can we play it now?!!). Still unsure whether we'll need more accessories, games, a new tv, different color of carpet?

Patton Oswalt's recommendations for pop culture this year. And also from the Onion's AV Club, a top ten comedy album list for 2012. I'd like to hear them all.

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