Monday, December 17, 2012

Checking off items

Felt odd and removed on Saturday before our carol sing. Had trouble following through with plans. The sing went very well. We had old songs, new songs and plenty of silly stuff. My spiced cider with cranberry juice and bourbon worked better than eggnog for singing. (I really like how that stuff tastes but be warned that it is sour and turned out to be a gross color. Mixed recommendation here.) My period started while we were singing which was a relief and let me relax several notches. It explained the weirdness earlier in the day. Even more importantly it means that I'll be almost done with all that before we travel on Friday, thank the goddesses.

My shopping for Nod is done. I have a book and the scarf for Elaine. My order for my mother probably won't arrive until after Christmas, maybe by her bday on the 28th. I am a bit stumped for the girls. I have a book for Bun and sketch pads and French hard candies. And I guess we'll do some xmas shopping in TX or at least Nod will. The wii will be waiting for us when we return.

I have lost all momentum with my sweater that is still in pieces. I'll probably figure out how to fit it together in
April when I won't be interested in wearing anything of the sort. I should be looking for yarn and needles for the baby blanket I want to give our neighbors who expect their newbie around Valentine's Day. That can surely wait until we're back from TX. I'm going to do it in white cotton.

I was glad to go to church on Sunday. I would have skipped except that the kids were singing. Our pastor was only a little ranty and there were many sniffles. We had two baptisms which was very affirming, thank you boys. Ooh did you hear the story on This American Life about the Oklahoma charismatic preacher who had a revelation about salvation being for all people, not just the Christians who go to church? He lost a bunch of his congregation and his big mega church was foreclosed. But then he was packing them into the Episcopal church and now he's written a book and is in Chicago. Very American protestant sect culture clash. I liked his theology (fallible Bible, no hell, inclusive love of God for all people) and his beeyootiful voice.

Made gingerbread dough with Bun on Saturday and had the girls help me roll out dough and bake the cookies on Sunday. I worked very hard to rein in my control freak who does not like to share the kitchen. I decided that the girls could decorate *all* the cookies because they love to do that stuff. They had only done six or so each by bedtime last night. More frosting artwork to come. It was definitely worthwhile chaining up my control freak. I may have to make my own batch to decorate though...

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