Monday, December 3, 2012


Via Nag on the Lake, a customizable snow globe that will show the location of your choice. Pretty keen. Don't know if the donations are still going on but fingers crossed.

Sore throat this morning. It followed an idle thought this weekend, wow, I haven't been sick at all this fall. Grumpety wumpwump.

Looking over my reading for the year. I had some fun. I'm currently pushing on with the Achilles book. But it's more dutiful than attractive. The description of demigods among the humans is very convincing. Wish it was more lighthearted but that wouldn't really be the Iliad now would it? Tried a few pages of an Aisling Grey novel my mother left behind at her last visit. (Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister) It's too much the other direction. Maybe another time.

My sweater (pattern from Knitter's Stash) continues to confound me. I've put the sleeve and torso back on holders and will take another run at getting them together. It's somewhat heavy and stiff made with larger yarn. I think this one is a learning experience. Oh goody. Gen's lent me the book (I had to return the library copy) but it still is not showing me a clear path forward. My plan is to bumble onward and see if that makes it plain what I'm doing wrong.

Contemplating the upcoming adolescent storm. Several of us parent neighbors were talking about what our corner of the world will look like in five years when there are a crop of new teens. Replacing the existing solid door with a window door to the comfy couch room in the Common House was proposed. I think the occasional beer and wine in the unsupervised fridge should also go, but others were more concerned with the nookie. Nookie Concern would be a good band name.


amanda said...

is the common room in a neighborhood clubhouse thing? or do you live in a planned/coopertive/cohousing type neighborhood? i have a few teens now (officially!) and i don't know how i would deal with them having access to a sneaky spot. :)

Steve Finnell said...

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Nimble said...

@Amanda, yep we're cohousing. We rent a townhouse and have access to the common house space. Good group of kids. It'll be interesting navigation.

@Steve, thank you kindly.

amanda said...

eeep! cohousing! i always wanted to try it, because deep down i'm all kinds of pinko and want to live on a commune, but my husband likes his space. maybe when i'm old!