Friday, December 7, 2012


My favorite lines from Mr. Fox will have to be paraphrased because I just returned it to the library without copying them out. They're on page 163 if you have a copy handy. Miel is remembering talking to her mother on the phone while at school.
Other mothers would say things like "Be good" or "Take care". But my mother would tell me to be wicked and not to worry. I was the funniest, cleverest girl in the world when I spoke with her.

Love that. In total I found the book a bit haunting and was frustrated with the constant return to violence. But it makes sense for a book based on the Bluebeard story to be violent.

Through the dreckiest part of my cold and hoping for a gentle return to normal over the next couple of days. Took the last two days off work after coughing and sneezing and being mopey on Wednesday. Sorry co workers.

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