Monday, December 31, 2012

Going Out

Can I get a list of the books I read in 2012 from Goodreads? Yes, but not a text list of titles, authors and dates which is what I wanted to paste here. 68 books finished makes me happy, it seems a good meaty number. I should acknowledge that seven of those were unfinished, books I gave up on. Twenty five or so were mysteries. There were some re-reads. Disclaimers finished, I am proud of having read so much this year. Onward to good reading! Wishing you the discovery of funny, poignant, heart pounding text in the new year.

I have put my photocopied knitting pattern somewhere safe. So safe I cannot find it. I would like to knit something before February and argh. Tiny cardigans are cute, so cute. But here's what a one to three month old does not need: a cardigan. I will do a baby blanket instead. Back to ravelry.
Impulse control? Well five dollars later I am the proud owner of this beautiful pattern. Which includes instructions for twisted stitches that alarm me. Don't care, proceeding onward with all speed. May go look for yarn at lunch time.

Snow has started. Lovely thick falling snow. Mm. We adults are all slightly unwell. I had a sore throat start after I selflessly went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon. I craved sweets to soothe it but was disappointed in the taffy that I bought. The red and white pieces that I hoped were peppermint flavored turned out to be "cherry" or something equally insipid. I repaired to the couch and watched hours of football and that seemed to help because I felt better by evening. My bedtime remains absurdly early. Hibernation in action! I started doing some stretches and pushups again this morning because #(@$as!_ if it's not time to move the large muscle groups. Grumble grumble. Otherwise the hibernating will result in a fat layer larger than I had planned.

We watched The Amazing Spiderman movie over the weekend. We adults liked it better than we expected. Andrew Garfield was as good as reported. I like the Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi movie from 2002 but that villain is not handled well. This one did better with actual motivation. The ambiguity of the vigilante crime-fighter's relationship with the police was more nuanced than I expected. Emma Stone's role was thankless, of course. I think Kirsten Dunst got to have more fun as Mary Jane. More screamy *and* more angsty. Emma was watchable and agreeably knowing. She did not convince me she was a h.s. senior. Garfield was more plausible there. We are now watching a Phineas and Ferb dvd. As much as I like them I may have had enough already.

A new year's present if you, like I, have not previously been to the Book Snob blog. Lots to love in her writing about wonderful books.


Lucy said...

Thank you for the reading wishes, which I like very much!

Hope the cold gets better, and a happy New Year to you and yours.

Nimble said...

So kind. Everyone is feeling better, thanks! Happy 2013!