Tuesday, December 4, 2012


My very satisfying lunch was homemade tomato soup and toasted whole wheat bread with gravy poured over it. Still a few more delicious days of t'giving gravy left. Nod has no interest in gravy or in avocados. Which leaves more for me of course. Noodling around on Smitten Kitchen's comments has netted me many random food blogs to peruse. Here's a page with a Japanese-y chicken wings recipe I'm going to try. The book giveaway is over but I've located a copy of A Cook's Journey to Japan by Feldner at my city library and am going to pounce on it. The pickle recipe that comes with the chicken wings should really be re-titled Salted Cucumber Slices since that's all it is. Sheesh.

I have an icky cough and a gravely voice today. I find that I am very grumpy which is good because this voice is great for delivering grumpy. I got a good night's sleep so despite my alarming vocal qualities I am feeling better than I was yesterday. To keep my positive outlook going it is time for a new lashing of acetaminophen. A neighbor has started working across the hall here in IT. I am very happy for her. Like me she was in an underpaid admin support position and moving to IT has brought more money and a better career path. I said she could ride with me to work and apparently I made the invitation very open-ended. She's been with me to and from work and to and from home for lunch yesterday and today. I am feeling hemmed in and need to quit that shit. I feel that I can't leave work early since I'm giving her a ride home. That's dumb, she has a husband to call. May go home early to recline on the fainting couch and... oh crap, contemplate my trip to the grocery store tonight. There are times when the grocery run has been put off as far as it can go. We have arrived at one of those times. Maybe I'll swing by the library first to maximize the funness.

Recently went diving in Kottke's collection of flash games. Got hung on Wonderputt which is really more about the music and graphics than the golf game. I am crushing.

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