Friday, December 14, 2012

In a Place of Safety

Alternately tuning in to coverage of the elementary school shooting in Connecticut and then turning away. The NPR reporter I heard most recently was saying it was a hard story to report because no one could avoid thinking of their own child's school and what if.

Sundry's thoughts are well put. She mentions considering what to tell her kids and I reluctantly realize I'll need to do the same. I hate that I need to tell them that children were killed at their school. Better that they hear from me than hear it from their friends I suppose. Will there be any change in US gun laws in my lifetime? Judging from the history to date, that would be a no. Have heard some ideas that appeal to me like taxing ammo rather than forbidding guns. Very much out of my control. And so is a violent attack.

These events take the meaning out of anything. I am mentally swirling my capacious coattails and turning away again with a swift rattle of footsteps. I'd like to keep my familiar horizons and deny that those I love could ever be in danger.

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