Thursday, December 13, 2012


Looking for the snow effect I've seen on British pages for my blog. I've clicked on a widget but whether that gets me what I want or if I've just sold my blog to the rooskies is yet to be seen.

Day eleven, my energy is back so I have confidence of a full recovery. But am still slightly congested, looks like a two week cold.

4th and 5th grade music program at elementary school tonight. Kat is excited, she was practicing the words to 10,000 Fireflies last night (a very wordy song). I'm looking forward to it. We need to provide $2 for her pizza party tomorrow and she wants to bake over the weekend for next Monday's bake sale. Last night she went to a bday party at a friend's house in the country and had big fun running around the barns and fields with 8 friends and the family's collie dog. Busy girl.

During a shared dinner on Wednesday* our neighbor got a reminder that the International Space Station was about to pass overhead and could be seen. We all trooped out to the parking lot and saw it clearly going from SW to NE. Fun experience to share. I hear that the Geminids are peaking tonight. I probably won't go out at 1a to watch but I sort of want to.

*We cohousing folks have what is intended to be a simple meal most Wednesday evenings hosted by different people. And that 'we' is incorrect because while I eat sometimes I have never cooked for that one.

Both girls were practicing for their spelling bees last night and this morning. I remember Kat getting knocked out early last year. We'll see what happens this time around.

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