Thursday, December 27, 2012

There and Back Again

No dragon to see, just the rigors of air travel during Christmas week. Am not recovered yet. Best part was sun and warm temps for most of our visit. Pedernales Falls State Park on Christmas day was beautiful. The icy wind had picked up that afternoon but it was still sheltered enough at the bottom of the canyon to be fun. I could whinge about my mother-in-law but I'd need to defend her too and that's tedious times two. I'm sorry we didn't get to see her new church but we were warned that their Christmas eve service is so in demand that they cut off entrance to the building after the fire code capacity is reached. A certain number can fit in the sanctuary, the rest go to the attached school gym and they start the service as soon as they've filled all those seats. Admirably efficient and entirely to be avoided. We all ate as many tacos as we could comfortably fit. Even Bun, who prefers to eat every food separately, found a favorite: bacon and egg breakfast tacos. We all got a little depressed about leaving the good tortillas behind us. The girls and their grandmother did a lot of Smurf Village management. I am thankful that I was not required to supervise any smurfs during my holiday.

I was just reading a post by someone who always feels bright and shiny on the day after Christmas. It feels like a new world she said. I am glad someone can feel that way. I am more likely to feel jaded if not actually hungover. Christmas clutter is different than every day clutter but still... I felt so glad to be home last night. Once we were in the house my eyelids were headed south. I only made it to 9pm which is a good thing since I needed to hit the grocery store before I went to work. The cat is in fine fettle and it's gratifying to see how excited she is at our return.

Listening to NPR this morning I remembered that it's the silly season between the holidays. A cocktail historian was urging us to revive a cocktail that is multiple liqueurs poured in distinct layers and sipped one at a time through a gold or silver straw. Oh please. There is room in my life for a good strong cocktail now and again but not for a sucking ritual. I'm not learning the Japanese tea ceremony either.

My MIL has offered to get both her sons' families together in August in some location to be chosen by the oldest grandchild. Apparently southern Italy and the Grand Canyon are in the running. I will send some brainwaves to my nephew about Scandinavia.

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