Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It appears that we're going to Crete. Not until September but I plan to do plenty of daydreaming until then. Time to switch gears from snow to sun. I have been having a sad time with rosacea acne on one side of my nose. I think it's just the dry air and lack of sunlight. We had a spring-y day on Saturday and I got some sun on my face then. The temps swung down again for the rest of the long weekend. Drinking tequila Saturday night didn't do much for me. I didn't feel buzzed then but I did feel dysphoric the next day. Just kept doing the things that needed doing and it wore off eventually. Makes me wish I'd drunk either more or less.

So Crete. My mother in law has had a grand plan to take each of her grandchildren on a major trip when they graduate high school. The first one is graduating this spring, my nephew Joey. Elaine is 73 and has decided that she'd better go big while she can travel. She's getting both her son's families to all go on the trip. After some waffling between Italy and the Grand Canyon (I'll let you guess which we were hoping for) she's come up with Crete. A villa* has been reserved and it would appear that this is really going to happen. I got my passport renewal paperwork completed and had my photo taken over the weekend. I'll try to get to the post office this week to get my package sent off. Then I get to ride herd on Nod to get his and lastly we'll apply for the kids' brand new ones.

*Villa sounds vintage and elegant to me although I think it just means vacation rental house in euro-speak.

Barking dog woke me at 3:15 this morning. I heard it off and on for twenty minutes before I realized that besides being annoying the dog was outside in 15 degrees. Then I was sad for myself and the dog. Finally at about 4 I called the non-emergency police line to ask them to check it out. I heard a car door so I think they came by but I don't know whether they found the dog. I couldn't tell exactly where the sound was coming from and I was unwilling to put all my outerlayers on to investigate. I'm a little proud of myself for calling instead of merely feeling miserable and guilty. Less than vibrant this morning however.

Watched Mamma Mia with the neighbors on Saturday night. (Thus the inept tequila drinking.) I was delighted with it. The Greek chorus and the Old Goat House may be my favorite touches. Nod was affected by it very strangely. He thought it was sexy and corny and sad and had to leave the room. He sure is a big ball of feels sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Crete! Wow--lucky you! Evan and I have been dreaming of traveling (other than family vacations and trips to NM). I mean, isn't that why we decided not to have kids...so we could travel, eat, enjoy being adults with no little ball and chains....yet, here we are, no exciting travel, no jobs, not much money....hmmm....time to plan for different things, I think. Anyway, what fun for you!

Can't wait to see you in 3 short months...

The Danish

Nimble said...

@The Danish: well, you do get to the musical events quite regularly. But heck yeah, you guys should be traveling.
We are going because someone else is picking up the tab. Hard to find those people but I recommend it.
Maybe you and Ev should work luxury yacht cruises (he - chef, you - entertainment organizer) or you could be jewel thieves. In the movies they always work in beautiful resort locations.

The Nag said...

How exciting! I travel a lot but somehow I've never made it to Crete although it is on my bucket list. Scout out all the good stuff for me and take lots of pics.

Nimble said...

@The Nag: I want to do some research. I may scurry around and see everything in which case I will report thoroughly. But I may also drowse by the pool and on the beach.