Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catch the wave

It's January and as a good lemming I've been exercising this week. I have no resolutions. Resolve, yes, but a list of Goals, no. Danced my first Zumba class last night. It was a hoot and had me grinning and only slightly achey afterward. We white ladies like to dance to that cumbia music! I get to do it again tomorrow. The  class I signed up for last May didn't have enough enrollment and was canceled. This time of year is the time when everyone is raring to go. I am content to go with the flow and get my bootie shaking in.

Besides the virtue points I was racking up by exercising yesterday evening, I felt buoyed up by another change. Nod had his herb class overlapping my Zumba class. We left the girls at home for a little over an hour so we could go do our stuff. The house didn't burn down and all was well. It's a new era of possible adult pursuits. Wow, man. On Sunday we had the football playoffs on and both girls were watching with us. They were taking an interest and cheering and asking questions. I realized that I can officially watch football now without ignoring little children or putting them to bed first. More wow, that feels different.

Kat's sledding injury has healed up, the last of her scabs went away overnight. On new year's eve she went sledding just in the courtyard down a little track the kids had made in the fresh snow. She was on a coaster on her belly and when the coaster stopped suddenly she hit some ice with her face. The impact was just below her nose, she couldn't have picked a more sensitive spot to hit. Lots of blood when she staggered home. We cleaned her up and she had all her teeth and the bleeding stopped so we didn't do an ER run. Her lip was quite swollen and she was shaken up. Much better by morning although the scrapes looked pretty exciting. Facial injuries bleed like hell but they heal fast too.

Knitting like the wind. I'm not even reading right now, just pulling loops when I get a chance. I got some nice comments on the blanket on Saturday at our stitch and bitch. I have been working on it almost every day. It's a bit over ten inches now. I'll see if I can keep up the pace and slam out the shit as the line cooks would say. The neighbor who is planning the shower has her sights set on pink and girly and grown up, sigh. I will bake some cupcakes and just be happy that she is doing the work. Oh and that she is auditioning eclairs for us. Mmm, eclairs.

The Danish tells me that our high school friend Zorro will be visiting her in San Fran at the end of March. I am plotting how to join them. But first I had to shirk my old lady responsibilities. Long ago I had suggested a trip out to Austin for my mom to see the Ladybird Johnson wildflower center and visit with Elaine. This morphed in the fall to a sort of plan to make this happen in early April 2013. After talking with Mom she has given me the green light to scotch this and do my own trip. Rationalizations ahoy: it's another drought year in Texas so wildflowers?; mom is not happy about changing planes to have to get there; we can do it another time if we want to. I have to explain to E and then I am free to gallivant to the city by the bay. It'll be over Easter which seems strange enough.

I bought a New York Times crossword collection at Half Price Books over the weekend and it makes me so happy to do one of those puzzles before going to sleep or while waking up. Mr. Shortz has good taste bien sur. The LA Times puzzles I have are okay. But their clues tend toward the obvious and don't dance.


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! You can come!!!! I'm so excited to see you and have some girly time (and that includes time with Zorro...) We will have much fun. Now, I want to know how to see all the books you read this year on GoodReads. I am shamed by your industry, as I've kind of gone off books--so much to read on the internet that I rarely crack a book these days, except for book club picks. But inspired for the new year! Mwah
The Danish

Nimble said...

Yay sweets. There is always room for more books. I'll wish you excellent reading for this new year. Just bought my tickets. So excited!!