Thursday, January 3, 2013

Extra Curricular

Knitting the baby blanket is going well. I like the pattern I bought and I'm most of the way through the bottom edge. I am taking a deep breath before changing to the main pattern. The first part has gone so well it is encouraging. The yarn I found was off-white and I am a little sorry they didn't have enough bright white for this blanket. Drop kicking that pointless regret I am happy to have something I can knit and I am happy to be getting a good start before the baby shower at the end of January.

Both girls have been making good use of the futon in the living room. It folds in thirds and they like to jump from the step stool onto it. The variations are endless. Kat has perfected her no-hands flying forward roll. Tumbling class for Kat is a washout so far. The one that matches her age and level starts at 4:30. Grr. Bun said she wanted to do a ceramics class so now I'm on the hunt for that. (Which resulted in me signing up for Zumba again. Curious to see if they get a quorum for this class. The last one I enrolled in didn't fill and was cancelled.) Scumblebucket! The ceramics class for Bun's age group at the arts center is only offered at 4pm during the week. However, I am now considering a cunning plan. The class is for 3rd through 5th graders. If both girls were interested they could walk to the arts center together and I could pick them up after class. Many forks in this road but it could work.

Rosy sunset last night and possibly the first glimmer of a longer evening. A constant push/pull at work is whether to have the blinds open. I work in a three sided cube with shoulder-high walls. I face north and there is a bank of windows all along that wall, above head height. They have venetian blinds and when I think of it I hustle over and open them. The students who work at the desks right around there profess no opinion about the blinds. But there is a contingent whose screens face that direction and who demand that they be closed in the afternoon. I think they could tilt the screen slightly for the twenty minutes that their view is affected and leave the rest of us with that precious little glimpse of the sky. They've been closed all day and I never bothered to open 'em. Back at it tomorrow. We bunker workers need our little slice of sky.

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