Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Starting in December I have had acne on the left side of my nose. It seems to be rosacea but in a totally new spot on my face! I used to have it below the corners of my mouth. My policy of moisturizing and ignoring hasn't resulted in any improvement. I noticed a little bit of swelling under my left eye yesterday. This morning it was more pronounced. I have knuckled and made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. Using my new Health Savings Account which means that I'll have no copay but a whopping big office visit fee. Argh.

Making good use of the mild weather, Kat taught Bun to ride a bike on Sunday. Laughing to myself that my policy of parental neglect in this area has borne fruit once again. If you wait until you're almost nine (or actually nine in Kat's case) it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. Bun is very excited about riding even though she's fallen over a couple of times and got a raw spot by her thumb where the grip rubbed. It's all quite brave for her. Kat apparently made some sort of bargain with her to try learning again. Catalyst Kat strikes again. These girls are so charming I can hardly stand it sometimes.

Random word association: ripple. In my childhood there used to be lots of ice cream flavors called something ripple: butterscotch ripple, strawberry ripple, etc. I think Redd Foxx on Sanford and Son called booze ripple. I didn't realize before searching that it was a brand name for a carbonated sweet wine drink (shudder). My husband loooves the Greatful Dead song Ripple. I like the tune but the lyric about 'if you fall, you fall alone' bugs me. Noun and verb. One letter away from the always amusing 'nipple'.


amanda said...

ripple always reminds me of those awesome afghans from the 70's. i'm trying to learn how to crochet just so i can make one! i love the wavy lines and weirdo colors. :)

Lucy said...

This led me to remember how much my brother, especially, loved chocolate ripple ice cream, which I then recalled was superseded by a fancier product whose name I struggled to recall.

In the course of the struggle, I found it necessary to go and unearth from the substrate of the freezer the remains of a tiramisu our friends brought round on the evening of the opening of the London Olympics, and hack a portion from this with a mallet and cold chisel. It just about tasted OK with the addition of some caramel sauce.

While it was softening, it finally came to me that the product in question was called 'Vienetta'. I've not seen it for years but then I don't look in the ice-cream section of the supermarket much, but maybe it didn't make it to France... there's a post about it from a few years ago here:


See what you've done with your pesky random word association?

Nimble said...

@amanda: Very cool. I wish you joy with your wavy lines! Remember to use yarn that you like the feel of.

@Lucy: Words are great toys! I can remember a tv ad for Vienetta, the fancy European dessert you could buy at the grocery store.
The vintage tiramisu doesn't sound like it was worth the effort. But sometimes a sweet in the hand...