Friday, January 25, 2013


Bun was home sick yesterday. A barking cough had her up the night before. I feel more proud than is warranted that she successfully napped for an hour and a half in the afternoon. Bought some cough suppressant for her to take and she slept through the night too. She was extra perky this morning and went to school happily. I was carded by the grocery store checkout machine because of the dextromethorphan purchase. Yes, thanks, I am over 18. During the amazingly healing nap I went and got my passport renewal processed at the post office. My competitive form completion personality was chagrined to learn that I had made a mistake and listed my mother's married last name instead of her maiden name. The official post office official let me draw a line through and add the correct name on the form. In four to six weeks I should be the proud owner of a current traveling identity document. Just printed the application doc so Nod can fill his out. Progress is intoxicating.

I've been to both my Zumba classes this week. Our permanent teacher turns out to be the sub I didn't like much. I have decided to be positive about this and she doesn't bug me much. Her choreography is pretty boring. But on the other hand we get to dance to a Carribbean number that may or may not be titled Titty Titty Bang Bang. Which for me balances out. Her stretching at the end of class does not meet my needs so I just do my own thing. This is the right thing to do but I feel rebellious every time. My brain is primed and ready to follow your lead, I am a pretty good femme dance partner.

Rain is forecast for Sunday and I want to light a candle for that. This winter has brought home climate change to me. Not in twenty years or fifty. Now and ongoing. I  am telling my kids that this is what is happening and will continue happening as they get older. Greenland is melting dramatically, link via Metafilter. Reminds me of the setup for Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. Anyone up for terraforming Mars? We're not actually anywhere near ready to make Mars habitable but I do like the asteroid mining project talk. Keep working on the elevator from orbit to Earth's surface, oh you engineers, that's the tricky bit.

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