Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Crying with laughter and trying not to snort at my desk after reading Erin's post about saving a rogue melon she found hanging from a thin vine. Scroll down past the pickles and peppers part. Whew. She also linked to Helen Jane's recipe for green posole that will have my husband jumping up and down. Although after reading through I may cook the onion/tomatillo mixture a little bit because I am not a fan of the raw.

Kat's spelling bee was tough. She went out on the fourth round: patient. Those vowels are the killers. A fellow 5th grader survived and will go on to the county bee. I was glad to go cheer. I got to hug both my girls and chat with some parents and teachers so it was a good day for me. Kat was disappointed, she has a keen competitive spirit. I want so much for her.

Got my behind to Zumba last night even though I begged Nod to feed the children because I was so worn out. I knew I would have to miss on Thurs when we go to see the girls sing. So this was my only chance to boogie this week. It was good to work up a sweat. But this was our second substitute teacher, we haven't met the real one yet. Flu strikes again. An adult dance class with a substitute teacher is a little like a skittish herd of cows. We're not too sure if we want to go that way, thank you. I was happy to hear at the end that this person was not our permanent teacher. Wonder when we'll get to meet her.

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Lucy said...

Like the picture of the skittish dancing adult cows... :~)