Friday, February 1, 2013

Jump Feb

Rabbit Hole
I read a post by our former rector on St. Brigid's Day, February 1. Then I looked up the pagan deity Brigid with whom the Irish abbess is identified. Then I looked up Brigid's Fire because Brigid's convent kept a holy fire which was from the previous regime, if you will. Then I found a site which was titled Brigid's Fire in gaelic. Then I was looking at a redhaired mound of venus. Then I closed my browser. Ermagerd -- only in the comfort and privacy of my own home.

Jumping Up and Down
I get to dance and jump at zumba and it makes me very happy. As I told Nod last night I am happy to be invited to jump and I am happy to be capable of jumping. When done with legs wide apart, this jumping challenges my sphincters. No disasters, so I'm hoping it's good for all the muscles' tone. Latest dumb song I am enjoying:  Shakira's This Time For Africa. It was the World Cup theme song for 2010. Happy sigh.

Splittin' Chores
Two blog posts by women married to men. Swistle's makes me mad because cleaning and cooking are circular chores that are draining and never done and most often done by women. I had to force myself not to click the (numerous) comments and rant. I have many feelings about how frustrating it is to cook for kids who don't want to eat your food. Snoozical's makes me happy because as a pregnant person she is needing nine hours of a sleep a night and resports that as a result her husband is doing the housework chores. I am glad she does not feel guilty. Rock on with being busy building a whole new human. I will never be tidy but this all makes me want to go get everything off the floor of our bedroom right now. Thank you Universe, I get it, yet another opportunity to start again.

Library Tween Months
Our city library is being rebuilt, bigger and better. The ground breaking happened in January and the old site is fenced off and the parking lot has been torn up. There is a temporary library space in the building that used to be Borders so we are not completely library-less. I've been in a couple of times to return the things we got before Christmas and to pick up some reserves. Most of the kid collection is available for browsing but there is only about half of the general fiction/nonfiction collection on the shelves, the rest has to be requested and retrieved from storage. I haven't felt comfortable yet. It may not be very comfortable until the new building opens spring 2014. I'm a heavy library user and it's interesting having this changed.

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