Monday, February 4, 2013

Pop Culch

Pop Talk
Having elementary aged girls has me turning on the pop music radio stations more than I would otherwise. When I'm in the mood I love it. None of my friends and acquaintances discuss this music so I am at a bit of a loss if I have a question and neither daughter knows the answer. If you wonder about pop songs and like to judge them as much as I do you may enjoy the AV Club (offshoot of The Onion) irregular This Was Pop column. The entry I've linked answered several questions I had. Although why "Don't You Worry Child" reminds me so strongly of Rick Astley is still a poser. Their discussion of the song "Scream & Shout" notes that Britney Spears is currently working a vocal persona they call "sexy robot" and that together on this cut the two of them achieve a mood of "perky malaise". Yes! I'm enjoying the random-shit element of pop radio now that we live in the days of youtube sensations. "Thrift Store" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is the latest in that vein. It's a little smug and foulmouthed but it makes me laugh and is a nice change from the uber smooth ultra produced dance pop that is heavy on the repetitive. Pink's "Blow Me (One More Kiss)" is still making me car dance. Oh the AVClub also carries the Savage Love column if you need some sexy advice.

Super Picnic Chanting
The girls and I had a picnic last night while we watched the Super Bowl. My chicken wings were sadly uncrisp, I didn't set the oven hot enough to start. Don't make my mistake! But they got done and were still good with Frank's Hot Sauce. Nod was helping to host a kirtan event and did not do any Super Bowling. I'm still surprised at that but he felt a tremendous amount of responsibility for the event. He is having a hosting hangover today, grumpy and worried that it wasn't a big success. I am still trying to figure out what kirtan is even though I have been to a couple of events. Here is a NYT article from 2009 describing kirtan. It is yoga chanting, the kind of simple call and response you might do at the end of a yoga class. The first kirtan I attended was all sanskrit, but the second was mostly in English. There seems to be a lot of Sikh poetry sung as kirtan. I don't know anything about Sikh worship so I don't know how it's used exactly. It is another new agey thing that white people of a certain age like to do. The thing I like best is that it's participatory. I like to raise my voice with others and am going to a kirtan event this weekend to try it again.

Oh and the game was better than I expected, especially the second half after that very awkward power outage. I'm not pleased that Baltimore won but they earned it. It'll be fun watching Kaepernick next season. He resembles an ancient Assyrian king. Just needs a chariot and one of those molded stick beards. Here's an excellent guide to the Super Bowl for the non-football literate. Kottke linked it with this most excellent description of Kaepernick replacing the previous 49er quarterback: "the deliberate, steady bus was replaced by a flaming Apache helicopter flown by a nude Vladimir Putin".  The girls and I enjoyed the Oreos and pistachios ads the best. The Miracle Stain and the Audi kid going to the dance were good too.


Lucy said...

You bring me glimpses of worlds I never knew existed...

Nimble said...

@Lucy: and that is my favorite thing about blogs, getting a glimpse into lives I would otherwise never see.