Friday, February 8, 2013

Spirit Banana

I have been reading the Spirit books by Rachel Aaron very quickly. My speed has even increased as I've gotten closer to what I assumed would be the explanation of all at the end of the third book. But then I got a little closer to the end and all these big questions were opening up instead of being resolved. This is never going to be tied up in thirty pages, thought I. That was correct: there are five books in this series. Maybe I am feeling a little deceived. Huff. But I've put a reserve on the fourth book. I really like the world and most of these characters and now I really want to know what happens. I guess I'm lucky that they've all five been published and are at my library. The last book is still in their "new books" category. The first three titles are Spirit Thief, Spirit Rebellion and Spirit Eater. I couldn't remember what the next ones were so the kids were helping me think of possible titles: Spirit Jumper, Spirit of Spearmint, Spirit Banjo. (Actually the 4th is Spirit War and the 5th is Spirit's End, vastly less interesting.)

While waiting for more spirits I am looking at nonfiction: The Five of Hearts and The Winter King. The second is about Henry VII and how his reign at the end of the wars of the roses was particularly uncomfortable and disputatious and set the scene for H the 8th and all that turmoil. This book was referenced by someone writing on the discovery of (what some historians have recently concluded are) Richard III's remains. I am enjoying it thus far although as usual am not following too closely all the dates and names. The writing style has some bounce but seems believable. The Five of Hearts hasn't grabbed me yet but I'll keep dipping in.

One small whinge. I have an ominous tickle at the back of my throat. A nap would have been great at midday today. I fear a weekend of crud. As opposed to a weekend of lemon curd which would be much better. Am drinking tea and trying not to mope while waiting for the afternoon to tick away. For the skin on my face and my general well being I wish I could go swim in the ocean and sunbathe. My rosacea acne is getting better. The zit right in the middle of my nose will be the last one to go away of course.

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