Monday, February 18, 2013

The Way to Woo

Just stopped reading comments on a blog post which asked for easy appetizer recipes. Gah! The canned goods and cheese products were flying fast and furious. To sum up: cheese with some mayo and a little cheesey sauce on top.

And Back Again
Both girls got the fever/sore throat virus. Both are better. Bun was the second to succumb so she still has a bit of a sore throat. But both were bicycling yesterday in the nice weather. I got a walk in the sun too -- that is a good day.

My MIL had a gall bladder attack and is in the hospital. She has reduced liver function from disease damage long ago. They have to do twice as many tests on her before they decide if they can blast the gallstones or take out the gall bladder or what. I talked with her yesterday and she wasn't in pain so that's good. So much for her cataract surgery that was supposed to be this week. Getting older is hard work.

Mom lost a dog last week. Risa stopped wanting to eat which is the opposite state of normal dogness. There weren't any mouth troubles and it didn't go away. A scan at the ABQ vet showed a possible mass by her adrenal gland. Mom co-owned the dog with a vet in Denver. (Long boring story about breed dogs and obedience training.) After consultation they decided to take Risa up to her clinic to get another opinion and any surgery done there. I tutted because Georgia is not in such shining good health that she needs to be driving single-handedly 8 hours north through mountain passes in February. She fretted as well but was bent on getting to Denver. She called my brother who agreed to fly down and drive up with her.  He earned some serious brownie points for that effort, what a mensch. Sadly it was all for nought. The second scan showed something in the spleen. Surgery revealed cancer that was very advanced. They thought removing what they could see and stitching her up would only give her three weeks to live. They put her down. Mom and Kat and I all cried. (Kat still cries when we talk about our old cat who died when she was five.) Mom is down to two dogs, her old standard poodle Token and her young retriever Sizzle.

Got to go dancing with Nod on Saturday night. It was contra dance at our neighborhood elementary school, couldn't have been more convenient. Nod really caught on, I thought he was remembering what we'd done a long time ago at the family dances at the library. But he said it was his bass lessons, learning to hear the rhythms and counts that helps him put the steps together. Our fellow dancers were an agreeably odd mix. Just what we like. It was a date night out, super cool. I hope to go again next month.

Nod is starting what he calls a heavy season of woo. Lent isn't speaking to him this year, it's all about 5 Rhythms Dance and kirtan and (gulp) drum circles and so on. I've decided to read the Psalms for Lent and wish him well. I like dance from time to time but for me it roundly sucks that it conflicts with our church service. Nod said he was sorry he was so fickle and didn't feel he could just settle down and satisfy his spiritual urges with Episcopalianism. He plans to attend when the kids are singing or serving. It is more important to me that he has spiritual urges. The fact that he's chasing them around with different methods is acceptable to me. As long as we can talk about it and he'll listen to my experiences and tell me what he perceives from his outpost.


Lucy said...

What a lovely well-rounded post, your life comes across as very richly patterned.

Sorry about the poor old dog, as well they didn't try to operate, which sounds like it would have been a cruelty to all concerned. Good your mum had your brother there.

Nimble said...

@Lucy, you're kind to perceive it as eclectic rather than scattershot. I feel like I have entered a new time of life where more than survival is possible. Here's to having a little of everything!