Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well Being Well

The throat tickle did not develop into crud. A fine weekend was had. Kat is now at home with a fever. Waiting to see if it goes on its own or if it is really strep after all.

My midsection has told me that the decison to eat two half gallon containers of Breyer's mint chip ice cream in January had consequences. Maybe Zumba is not a ticket to eat every treat ever. Rats. Speaking of Zumba, last night I got the double time butt shake that has been eluding me! I can't yet shimmy like our instructor with the great rack. But yay for the salsa butt shake. I am amused that one of the entertaining aspects of this class is the nasty quotient. In other trivial food and exercise news I have switched to tea in the morning. If I need caffeine to get going I can do the calorie-less kind. I plan to relish my coffee with sugar and cocoa powder on the weekend.

Everyone got up early this morning. Bun bounced out of bed and got dressed in her all-hearts outfit because today is the school Valentine's Day parties. I swear that a holiday calling for special clothing will get my kids up like nothing else. I will have to devise costume requirements for the daylight savings week. Kat slept through the night and even though she is still not feeling well was ready to be awake. I got up and did my leg lifts to protect my sweet knees that let me jump up and down. Then I did some hula hooping while listening to the State of the Union address highlights. Glad to hear that climate change got a little attention in between the guns.

I got to the library last night and damn, now I have a lot of books to read. Started Alif the Unseen right away. I am liking the set up but hoping the supernatural kicks in soon. Harry Dresden reminds me a bit of the Kim Harrison's Hollows books (wizard p.i.) but less inventive so far. I will try to finish it.

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