Monday, March 11, 2013

Book report

Goodreads is down on Monday morning and I am feeling thwarted. I must record my reactions to books. Right now! I finished Claire De Witt and the City of the Dead by Sara Gran. I plucked it off the library shelf when the cover art caught my eye. It's high contrast yellow with black print and picture. Once I got it home I realized that the parrot on the cover appears to have crapped the small diagonal words A MYSTERY below the title. I was bowled over by the first half and delighted by the fact that I could not tell just how delusional our narrator was. Was any of this happening? It reminded me of the books my husband liked so fiercely when he was in his 20s, paranoid protagonists probing for the edges of reality and truth. This book also delivered humor and a lot of meta-echoes of detective/mystery fiction. By the end the author had done a lot more revealing. I was surprised to find that I was a little disappointed, I would have preferred more swirling mist and hallucinations after all. Glad I found this author and will look for her earlier books.

My Laotian detective series novels were in at the library and I snapped them up. Currently chewing on The Merry Misogynist. I am loving the Dr. Siri books by Colin Cotterill. (Also love that Wikipedia warning about the article possibly promoting the subject without imparting real information!) Must tell my neighbor Gen who recommended them to me.

After spending all last week dreading the daylight savings change I am relieved to have it done now. Gad. Nod tells me that one of the groups that lobbied for the extension of DST was the candy lobby. They wanted to be sure that Halloween would be dark for trick or treating so they would sell more candy. Eh?! Slapping, is what they want, slapping.

Crocuses are almost open, I have seen tulip and daffodill greens as well. Marching on.

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