Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Castle Early

Chess stress. Kat went to her first chess tournament last Saturday. I accompanied her. No other chess club folks from our elementary school were there so it was rather intimidating at first. Lots of people. And more people and plenty of people in the cafeteria area of an elementary school on the south side of town. It turns out that the previous two Lawrence area chess tournaments had been canceled because of our snow events. So everyone who needed more points to qualify for the State Chess (thingie, I don't really know the official term) was there with their parent and younger sibs in tow. The best part for me was catching up with another parent who we knew from Kat's first elementary school. Laura is a sweetie and I enjoyed talking with her. They are a very experienced chess family and helped fill us in on the habits and rules of the chess playing folk.

Kat lost all four games she played. It was very educational as she is the top of the itty Chess Club at her school and had no idea that the competition in the wide world would be so strong. She was very brave throughout. (She beat me twice in between just to keep in practice.) There were 6 rounds, six games played from 9a to godknowswhen. We bailed after her fourth game at about 2:30. If we'd stayed for the whole thing that is a looong day. The next event is a girls tournament at the end of this month on campus. It should be much more laid back with more options for moving around, getting outside occasionally and not being lost in a sea of humanity. I'm willing if K wants to go. Heck maybe even Bun, our chess club dropout, will want to try that one.

Soothing GIFs. Found this request for links in metafilter. In case you need a rabbit hole to fall into. Some worked for me and some didn't. This is gorgeous, no doubt. Like a tiny perfect snowglobe.

I saw bulbs poking up in a few snow-free patches last weekend. It's a-coming. More rain, please.

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