Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I love the Regency skating calendar image I have up but keep thinking I need to change to a less wintery one. And yet. Today it's been snowing since mid morning. At lunch I was out in it -- fast falling clumps of wet snow. The temp is just above freezing so it melts on contact but it's gorgeous coming down. I ran around catching snow feathers in my mouth for a bit before getting in the car to come back to work. Pretty stuff, the kind of flakes that can hypnotize a driver with their swirling patterns. Where's my wingback chair and Irish coffee for optimal snow watching?

I've filled out two fairly random brackets for the college men's basketball tournament.

My cubicle neighbor's aloe plant is growing. I see it's splayed limbs stretching above the divider. The green arms are slightly toothy, like an agave. It's looking rather carnivorous.

Signed the kids up for Saturday's girls chess tournament. Hope that'll be a good experience.

Nod bought the air travel tickets for Crete and got his passport renewal paperwork in. We are getting closer to reality for that big trip. We need to do the kids's passport applications next. Yes, I am looking forward to reading the fine print about what documents need to be presented how. Nod has been looking at beach recommendations and plotting them on the map. The girls have been looking at the villa pictures online and swooning.

I haven't quite had to stick my fingers in my ears and chant "LALALALA" but I have been doing a bit of side stepping to avoid most of the Steubenville rape case coverage. I'm glad it was prosecuted and I'm glad it was prosecuted in juvenile court. I don't think it would have made it to court twenty years ago. Maybe we're inching forwards in terms of not blaming the victim.

The level of pope coverage has me bemused. I don't really need to know what he gets up to day to day. After six months or a year there might be enough actions to detect a trend. I'll check back then.

Kat almost cried when I said I didn't want to go to the St. Patrick's day parade. I explained that my position was based on the forecast: 40 degrees and a good chance of rain. Not pleasant parade watching weather. Both girls were still committed on Sunday so I told them I'd take them downtown and leave them with a phone so they could call their Dad when they wanted to go home. I stayed for about 20 minutes of parade and left... before it started raining. They didn't last too much longer. Nod and the girls walked home in the cold wet. And this is my I told you so.

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