Friday, March 1, 2013


I had to look up that word after reading it in Peter Schjeldahl's article on Piero della Francesca. 'Like  marble' says Google with tiny links to four online dictionaries below the definition. The OED adds 'resembling marble or a marble statue' which gets us all the way there. Piero's saints and angels have gold plate halos on the back of their heads. I find those a little laughable. But I trust PS that the works are moving in person. The St. Augustine picture from the Crucifixion is intriguingly odd looking. Appropriately morose he stands with pictures of Christ's life all over his robe and hat. He is quite bedizened. PS is commenting on the Piero show at the Frick so click away there if you want to see all the American owned art pieces. 

I'm catching up on video from the last year or so. Our freebie computer developed a frequent freezing problem. Nod went to the pc shack and bought a used Dell tower running XP for $99. We're not high def but we're much more connected than previously. Can we add memory and upgrade the operating system? Maybe. 

Hope springs a girdle. Still not as dear to my heart as 'Bob's avuncular'.

Cat Toys is my new band name idea. The album art would show the band members reaching up to bat at a giant feather toy on a string above them.

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