Monday, March 25, 2013


The photo is not mine, ganked from But I wish I had a flat of seedlings I was tending. We have no southern windows because we live in the middle rowhouse. I could set up some plants in the common house if I got my shit together. Mm herbs, little ruffled leaves. I guess I am ready for spring after all.

Bun is wearing out the knees of all her pants. Some of these pants are handmedowns from her sister and some of those were second hand to begin with. I don't know how much is attributable to the little bony knees of my almost 9 year old and how much to the age of her wardrobe. I'm sort of looking forward to weeding out the old and looking for some new clothes for her. Kat's clothing preferences are strong and not to be trifled with. She finally did allow me to buy her some actual pants (not leggings for a change) during early January when it was cold walking to and from school. (I almost always drive them to school in the morning so don't get your hanky out for them yet.) She tells me that she is way ready for shorts weather. No doubt that will come all too soon.

New language blog that's right up in my wheelhouse: Separated By A Common Language. Thank you metafilter thread that touched on the origins of 'kitty corner'. An American linguist living in Britain compares terms and misunderstandings. Happy sigh.

Oh Chess Tournament report. Very good experience for the girls. Kat: two wins, two losses. Bun: one win, one draw, two losses. Tasty free lunch too. I had a good time hanging out until about 3:30pm and then I was ready to be out of that building. The snow started as garpel, bouncing off the roofs. Then bigger and bigger flakes, falling fast and wet. Nod came to fetch us and we slip slid home in the slush.

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