Monday, April 22, 2013

Everything that spring can bring

Bouncy castle wins hearts and minds! Bun's birthday party was delayed until her parents could get their act together and so that Nod was back from Santa Fe. Now that I count, it was only eleven days after her actual bday so stop it, guilty conscience! We opted for the bouncy house rental, they brought it over and set it up in the parking lot, then took it down again three hours later. Thought I might have to limit the number of kids but the dozen we had all fit just fine. A few bumps but nothing serious. They bounced. We broke for cake and ice cream and presents. They bounced again. The rain held off and we even had some sun. Lovely day, thank you to Bun for having a birthday. It's good to throw a party every once in a while even though it throws both Nod and I into frenzies of doubt. My cupcakes (chocolate cake recipe from a Hershey's cocoa box and buttermilk cake recipe from JOC) rocked. Bun decorated copiously with sprinkles. They ended up looking a bit Pollock, definitely modern art.

We kicked the kids out just before our time was up and Nod and I jumped. I loved bouncing in the inflatable. I wish I could do it every day.

Twice in the last two weeks I've let people into the house and they've commented on its clutter. Gently, both of them. I'm letting the distress/guilt/anger float off into the sky and instead trying to use this as a constructive place to start. We married people agreed that we need to get rid of some stuff. I fantasize about keeping a bookshelf empty in order to put our library items on it. We have a box by the tv but with the four of us we overflow sometimes and on the floor is not ideal. Clearing an entire shelf sounds both possible and impossible. I'll have to make a stab.

Just heard a Tom Waits song on the college radio station: You Can Never Hold Back Spring. I think I'll learn it. I'd like to know another spring song. I heard part of an interview with TW in which he said that his job as songwriter was not important but it was wonderful. "I get to make jewelry for people's hearts." Wow.

Despite the season it's a fall recipe that caught my eye: pear cranberry cobbler. Smitten's Bee Sting Cake is wonderful to read about but probably more challenge than I need.

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