Monday, April 29, 2013


Next Bay Area outing should include a tour of the St. George Spirits distillery as recommended in this rapturous blog post. Oh and Danish dear, another thing you were right about, I do enjoy watching Qi episodes on YouTube. The show is obviously intended as mainstream tv entertainment and I find it delightfully different from American game shows. I detect some sexism and anglocentrism that somehow does not detract from their appeal.   

I've mislaid my camera and am getting a bit sad about it not turning up somewhere around the computer desk as I expected. Pumping up the entropy in search of ultimately more order I've unloaded three of the five shelves in our largest bookshelf. We have many piles on the floor in the living room. We also have a box of giveaway books. I found our Fluxx game! and this is a good opportunity to go through stuff. 

Saturday was chilly and grey all day. We watched a lot of The Last Airbender episodes. Sunday was clear as a bell and upper 70s. We all came out of our holes to frolic and play. 

Lexi has been baking from the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. She's made pumpkin pasties and big blueberry muffins. The pumpkin pasties were my favorite. I'm leaving the muffins for the girls to eat. Each recipe used a stick of butter so I'm ready for non-butterfat-based foods now.

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