Thursday, April 4, 2013


Around December 6th I put chocolates in my purse for a child who had no pockets. (It was St. Nicholas Day, at church the kids have their shoes confiscated at the beginning of service and find chocs, peanuts and oranges in their shoes afterward.) I just threw out one last remaining Hershey's kiss as it had been through the wars and was no longer looking appetizing. Luckily Easter has come and new exciting candy is all around. Puzzlingly my co workers have given me a small heap of chocolate bars. My need for the next exercise phase is becoming more and more urgent.

My trip to San Francisco was a delicious dream. Rain and rainbow, ballet and experimental dance, feasting and laughing. As I told Nori, the Danish's consort, seafood was an excellent choice for a vacation theme. He worked his kitchen hard and treated us to fish and clams and crab and the most creamy tempura mussels. There were multiple courses for every meal and amazing feats of cooking magic. Another night Zorro got his friends who live just up the street from Anchor Oyster Bar to capture a table for us and we had delightful raw oysters and cioppino and wow. In between the feasting was lots of walking. North Beach was on its good behavior. My hosts took us to Tony's Pizza Napoletana and words fail me. I had a gourmet Manhattan with my lunch that I remember with great clarity. In fact I wish I had another one in my hand right now.

Reunioning with old friends was wonderful. It was all delightful until we lost Rob but luckily he turned up before Marian got home. Quite different from my day-to-day. Quite a floating feast of a visit.

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Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! It was a fabulous vacation, feasting and festing. I loved having you here....should we make it an every-2-years kind of event?

The Danish