Thursday, April 18, 2013


Thunder and rain last night. No hail, we put our new used car under the carport just in case. We bought a 2006 Subaru Outback from a local used lot two weeks ago. It's beige (but nicer looking than that sounds) and although it is only three years younger than the Mazda, it feels much newer and deluxe. The kids were very excited. I have a few more hoops to jump to get it inspected and tax paid and so on. I named it Dreadnought which I think is funny. We couldn't call it 'the Subaru' because we already had one. Nod got the old burgundy wagon running again. It turned out not to have a cracked radiator and be much less costly to resurrect than we had assumed. Nod even took it on the freeway when he went to the airport with no bad effects. We're all vehicled out here.

Forward facing
I woke up with a swollen lip. My rosacea acne is showing me a new trick. It was less bulgy by the time I got to work. I'm trying to drink more water. I'm just about ready to try a magic spell.

Bun still wets the bed. We've dropped the pullups and mostly I'm washing a lot of bedding. For a few weeks I tried waking her once a night when I got up. Sometimes it worked. My sleep was not vastly improved by this system. Now she's setting her alarm clock for once a night. At least she can be woken by an alarm, that is a new development. When she was younger she would have slept right through it. It's not showing much progress. But I like that she gets herself up, if needed finds new pj pants and a towel to put on the wet spot and goes back to bed. Without waking me up! Farewell to symbiosis. I've been anti underpants-alarms (from a general feeling that underpants should not contain alarms) but if this goes on til summer I'll be ready to try. 

Hope springing
I don't think I have any other afflictions to report. I have been managing to get up earlier and that makes mornings better, more on-time-y. Exercise hasn't turned into a habit yet except for left lifts every day and pushups alternated every other day with planks. Went for a walk/jog on Sunday and hope to do some more of that. I am realizing that this is middle age and I am a little stout but I am not yet resigned. 

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The Nag said...

If it's any consolation people pay big money for swollen lips ;)