Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Sweetness

Birthday was good even with the working in the middle. I made this for dinner. Thank you, Martha! I got too hungry while getting it done but after splashing some beer down my front I sat down and ate something and everything improved. This tart is so good I can hardly believe it. It's an olive oil crust and was easier to work with than I expected. I rolled it out and then pressed it into the pan to be a fairly even thickness. I made it in a metal pie plate and it got too dark but not quite scorched, a narrow escape. I will check it after 25 minutes next time. Didn't know if I had enough greens, one and a half pounds is a lot of leaves. I used all of the spinach from our farm share, a little nub of frozen stuff plus some chard. It was enough. I didn't chop the greens after squeezing them. I just squeezed with my hands, no towel. I had no red pepper flakes so I added a little chile powder, I would try more of that next time. Kat didn't think the finished product looked appealing but she liked it once she had a taste. I can't fault her adventurous approach. If it's veggie, she'll try it. Bun had something else, her adventurous approach to eating hasn't emerged yet.

The beer was Odell's 90 Schilling which I have decided is my current favorite. Another good one from Colorado. We like their 5 Barrel too. It's a pale ale which is more Nod's thing but I was surprised how much taste it has.

Bun sang me the birthday song. I bought lunch for my coworkers which was fun for me. I wore clothes I liked and sniffed some roses. May all your birthdays be so happy.


Lucy said...

Happy after-birthday! Mmm, not sure that sounds quite nice... but your birthday does sound very nice; I cant think of much that's any better than wearing clothes you like and sniffing roses.

I think the moment when kids start enjoying spinach is worthy of some special rite of passage celebration. I think I was fairly grown up and tasted it in a sag chicken curry for the first time; it was an epiphany.

Nimble said...

Thanks! I think spinach has a bitter component in its taste. Kat likes all sorts of challenging foods (raw onion, olives, lemon slices). I was a weird child who enjoyed canned spinach, that salty dense mass of former leaves. I haven't eaten it from a can in years and probably won't again.

Meetzorp said...

90 Schilling is quite good, indeed! Nice birthday brew choice.

When I was a kid, it was canned greenbeans that I loved above all reason. I could eat a can of beans as a snack. I'm still that way about beets. Disgusting but awesome.