Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Your NPR name
This Atlantic article about the poetry of NPR reporters' names is wonderful. There's even a game, create your own NPR nom de radio:
novelist Liana Maeby suggests sticking your middle initial in your first name, and adding it to the smallest foreign place you've ever visited. 
That makes her NPR name Liarna Kassel. Mine is Jednine Monaco. Happy claps! I have often chanted Ofeibea Quist-Arcton's and Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson's names after hearing their signoffs.

Am wrung out again. I felt this way often during the first few years of Kat starting elementary school. Lots of deadlines during the week, none of them very challenging but piled on top of each other they overwhelm. Yesterday I took Kat to school early so she could give a presentation about the school worm farm to the Breakfast Optimists group. I guess that they give money to the school and so I thought it was important. Kat was grumbling about giving up sleep to go in 30 minutes early but when the principal asked her to come she assented. I remembered to leave my cell phone at home at lunch. That way the girls can call me when they get home and can coordinate with their music teacher as to when lessons start. I took both girls with me to the parents welcome night at Kat's new middle school where she'll start classes in August. This morning I braided hair and worked wire through it so they could have gravity defying braids for Crazy Hair Day. I am ready for a nap. Passport applications will have to wait until next week. I am choosing to go to lunch with the work women instead. The joy of getting the passport applications on their way will wait until next Wednesday when I haul the kids in front of the Post Office official.

Eggplant and Cocktails
I am fantasizing about getting my eggplant sliced oiled and broiled. I may need more excitement in my life. Last night was beautiful weather and a handful of neighbors including Nod sat out on the Common House porch and had cocktails. I joined them after returning from middle school but my tum was roiling so I did not partake. I want to host a cocktail hour and dispense whiskey sours now that I have learned to make them so well. (2T lemon juice, 2T simple syrup, 4T whiskey, ice. I should probably double check these amounts with the orange slip of paper I have in my kitchen drawer.)

A woman writes about her feelings about her belly. Graceless short version: having a saggy belly is better than being dead. It's good and makes me tear up.

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Shalini said...

Oh, that NPR game sounds fuuun. Mine would be Shalinsi Luxemburg.