Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I did a 'noodle blog' search and found a few treasures. I'm still giggling over the name of Full Noodle Frontity. He also writes about SF area food trucks in Geezericious. Tasty goodness.

Word of the day = winglet. Here's a story about UPS adding winglets (those little upswoops at the end of the wings) to their jets to reduce drag and cut noise. Hooray for winglets!

Staggering through the week. Last night's softball practice started at 7pm at a schoolyard I had never visited before. I was feeling weary and kept hoping Nod would come home so I could pass the softball parent torch. But he didn't get in until we were going to the car. Bun got her hat and her knee socks and sneakers on and grabbed her mitt. I put a grown up face on and drove out to the park. Found some girls playing softball and ambled over. I listened in when the coach was addressing the parents but it wasn't our team. Our team (3rd and 4th grade girls) was just going out to play catch. Bun and her friend went out and had a respectable practice. It looks like it won't take as many practices this year to remind the girls what they're trying to do out on the field. It was toasty until the sun went down and then it was breezy delightful cakes. I read some of my space opera novel and caught up with Bun's friend's mom. Bun's friend La looks like a Chuck Jones cartoon little girl with big round eyes and cuteness and a bit of manic zeal. She is still growing out of her lisp in 3rd grade. Her mom's pregnant and they will have a little boy by early June. I will be happy to take La to most of the softball practices/games.

Oh right, Mother's Day. I was a little creeped out by it this year. Nod was feeling pressure to give me a wonderful day. I hate that kind of pressure. The kids made me cards which was fine. Kat's was sweet. Bun's was perfunctory, did not hurt my feelings but I like the print she brought home from art class better. We picked asparagus on Saturday morning at our favorite farm/store. It was windy but good to be outside under the sky. I stupidly wore sandals and am recording that fact so that I remember never to do that again. I still have a splinter that needs attention. Then poor planning kept us from brunching where we wanted to. Ended up at the loud music build your own burrito place. Tasty and we got a sunny porch table out of the wind. This calls for more brunching later in the month, says I.

Random baby name thought: one could name a girl Ursula and call her Sully. Although now that I've typed it I think I'd have to spell it Sullie to avoid the echo of sully as a verb. And then again maybe not.


The Nag said...

Oh Mother's Day! My sons live far away. They call me and we have a chat and that's all I want. But Mr. Nag wants to do something special although I remind him that I am not his mother. This year it was bitterly cold and he took me to the lilac garden in Niagara Falls. He wore shorts and some women there told him he made them feel cold. He pouted and replied that he used to make women feel hot.

Nimble said...

Ha! Well, just call him a hardy viking or something to cheer him up. Yeah, I enjoyed being feted when I had itty bitty children and could barely get showered. I needed the encouragement. But now, I can't really see the point.