Thursday, May 2, 2013


That's a Belgian rainbow but I didn't note the date, something the Waffle posted last fall perhaps? (It'll actually be from several years ago knowing my memory.)(After searching: 9/21/11, not *so* far off.)

I've started reading five books so far. Just picked up a sixth last night that I'm ready to dive into. This seems like too many books to have going at once. I was trying to finish off The Coffin Trail, a well written conventional British murder mystery. And then I lost the book. I brought it downstairs when I came down for breakfast on Tuesday morning and I have not seen it since. There! a real-life mystery of my very own. Except it contains very little mystery and is just plenty annoying. Now I'm trying to finish off the supernatural-police-procedural-gay-male-romance. Because that's the easiest read. Wink.

The living room is still covered with piles of books. I realized that I could not allow our family to go to the friends of the library book sale last weekend because we are overflowing with books. We'll get a couple more boxes out of our house and then we can go to the next one in the fall. Mmm, books, delicious books.

I'm watching the sleet and soggy snow come down outside the window. It's falling fast, we could possibly have an inch of accumulation by nightfall. But that is the most dramatic possibility so it seems rather unlikely. I am not depressed by this and figure the weather will switch back to warm again in a couple of days. Our forecast this week kept making me laugh every time I looked at it: high 70s and 80s for three days and then rain/sleet/snow and highs in the 40s for three days. No tornado warnings yet.

Nod has discovered the wonders of frozen spinach and keeps eating it on pizza. Good for you, Popeye! I've been making pasta a lot and am ready for something else. I was reading a kid's cookbook of Indian recipes. Sadly, I won't be making samosas because I am unwilling to deep fry anything.

I am appalled by their activities and the fact of their continued existence but nonetheless my ears always perk up when I hear about Al-Shabaab. That is a great name. The Council on Foreign Relations link tells me it means "the youth" in Arabic, so I'll just say those are my favorite Arabic words rather than my favorite militant group name.

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