Thursday, May 16, 2013

Talent free

Elementary school talent show. It was today. Both girls performed and both Nod and I attended. I had forgotten that there is no screening process or audition step to the talent show prep. The children do not have to demonstrate that they have talent, they only have to sign up for a slot. I worked hard at not snarking at children. There were children who sang wonderfully and there were children who couldn't carry a note in a bucket. There was terrible gymnastics and wonderful gymnastics. The terrible magic tricks were actually charming and blessedly brief. There was a hula hoop bit that had me biting my lip. Bun played a piano piece she had memorized. Near the end she got onto a wrong chord. She played it tentatively a few times, apparently hoping it would resolve itself into something more familiar sounding. Then she hit the correct ending chord with a good firmness. Whatever it takes, go out confidently. Kat played piano accompanying her friend who sang Here Comes The Sun. Both 5th graders who are poised for middle school, they were the last act and ended it with a bang. Another 5th grade girl sang a song with her dad accompanying on guitar. It was sweet and unaffected and I started crying. Kind of embarrassing. I think it was partially the emotional swings of trying not to sneer or wince at the terrible performances and then being hit with something so keen. Nod tells me the dad is a local music legend.

Lordy I think we're going to make it through this week. Kat is hearing lots of chatter about people dressing up for 5th grade recognition. She wasn't intending to but now feels she should make an effort. We went through her closet last night and discovered that she's grown out of all her sundresses. But there is a skirt and top that fit so she's got her outfit ready. Now she wants to get her hair cut in an inverted bob. I'm willing, we'll see what the Great Clips ladies can do.

Dreadnought has a droopy something under the front left quadrant. Nod says he can zip tie it up. I need to remind (nag, chivvy, implore) him.

It's iris time now. Gotta love the Midwest in the springtime. The parade of flowers is fabulous. The trees are all leafed out with that fresh green (except for the plums with burgundy foliage). It's light until 8:45 at night now, super duper twilight time.

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Meetzorp said...

One of my old co-workers posted a video of her husband and their four-year-old daughter singing a duet together the other day. It was so cute I thought my head might explode from trying to comprehend it. It's hard not to be affected by an intergenerational family performance.