Thursday, May 16, 2013


Pasting this here, found on Metafilter:  Literature lectures by Dr. Catherine Brown, Oxford University. I hope I get the chance to listen to them later. But do I need to read Atonement and Daniel Deronda first? Maybe so.

Just finished my space war soap opera book last night. Am giving up on the books that are increasing my anxiety rather than relieving it: Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and Here, Home, Hope. The first I really liked but wished the character or the book was more accepting of events. I felt a lot of tension. The second was breezy and funny and not my sort of thing at all. I probably hadn't gotten to the real conflict of the book yet, sorry Ms. Rouda. I feel much less oppressed by my reading list now. Will whip through the last Dr. Siri book and am planning to feel closure about that series. I have the next Ann Cleeves book but will wait to see if it grabs me. And I might try Daniel Deronda... I never had to read it for school.

Iron Man 3, we went to see it last Saturday evening. The 6:05pm showing was as unpopular as I'd hoped so no problem with finding seats. Everyone enjoyed it but I found it a bit dark for the kids. I tend to worry that my mass entertainment choices are going to upset them. Kat was clinging to Nod's arm for part of it because the Extremis people were scary. Perhaps I should try taking less responsibility for their fears. Good ending and talking about it afterwards we realized that it made a neat and tidy end for the trilogy. Ol' Paltrow does a good job. I realized that I really respect her acting in these movies. Her onscreen role is mostly as a listener: she listens to Tony spout, to the bad guys when they're pretending to be good and then when they're exulting in their baditude. And she does it so well that she is actually entertaining and seems like a dynamic character. Impressive.

Another food in the form of pancake recipe:  Okonomiyaki veggie pancakes from SmittenKitchen. (Note: they may  not actually resemble okonomiyaki as prepared in Japan.) I didn't like the sound of her ketchupy sauce suggestion so looked up some sesame soy concoctions. Here's one if you need to make 7 cups of dipping sauce! It actually sounds good so I may try to cut that one down. Or just throw some soy, sesame oil, rice vinegar and sugar together and call it good.

I made a batch of tabouli last night. I failed to find bulgur wheat at the store so I made it with whole wheat couscous instead which was probably much easier. I started with this recipe but just suited myself as far as proportions went. (3 cups of chopped parsley??) Quick and easy. We got flat leaf parsley in our farm basket last week (stars, hearts, happy bunnies). And the mint is booming in the herb patch so we are well supplied herbally. If a store has a bulk section aren't they morally obligated to stock bulgur wheat? I took the tabouli to a potluck we had to say goodbye to one of our neighbors who is moving to Washington state. She's moving for very good reasons but Nod and I are feeling sad that their family won't be around any more. The baked potato bar was a big success and we were worried that there wouldn't be enough spuds to go around so we encouraged the greedy chillen to start with half a potato and go back for more later. I got half a potato and felt very self-denying. Then I ate tabouli and miso soup and a little ice cream and somehow I never got around to more potato. 

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