Monday, June 17, 2013

Book swerves

Word of the day: bumptious. Obnoxiously assertive and proud. I almost wish there was dumptious to bounce along with it.

MIL is recovering at the hospital and is expected to be released Wednesdayish. The surgery went well we are told. Though at the same time it took two and a half hours longer than the estimate. Nod was able to speak with his mom last night. He said she sounded lucid if a little frail. I am glad they made contact. Her cousin and friends have made their presence felt at the hospital and the nursing staff have banned them except for visits lasting 30 minutes or less in the mornings. I expect good nurses to be pushy, that's part of the toolbox. Update: She's going home tomorrow! good news.

Nod will be tackling many responsibilities. I hope the girls are good distraction and comfort. I hope they will be able to find things to do with themselves besides kindle games.

Finished Blue Lightning and I am astounded by the author's plot resolutions. It almost makes me wonder if she's got some sort of meta-genre commentary going on. Or maybe she got sick of her own character development arcs? It seems like the end of the series. Even if she writes more, I'm done. My Goodreads review is flagged because of spoilers. It should also be flagged for outrage! I would recommend any of the other three books in the series, not this one.

Am trying City of Bohane. So far so at sea.

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