Friday, June 14, 2013

Found Pebbles

Important news, movie lovers, about a site that will tell you definitively whether a dog dies in the movie you are considering watching. Does the Dog Die? is an important resource brought to me by the ever-relevant Nag on the Lake.

Still reading this New Yorker article about a start up company with a new design for a nuclear reactor that can shut down safely all by itself and will consume nuclear waste. I haven't yet gotten to an explanation of what kind of waste *it* produces. That seems like an important aspect. But yay new engineers with new designs in this area. I feel like we've been stuck at WIPP for 30 years as far as nuclear waste disposal goes.

Hot this week, Kat's softball game on Wednesday evening had multiple girls getting crumpled by heat exhaustion. Kat was redfaced and a little loopy herself by the end. Hoping for different conditions next game. I was thinking about how Bun has really good concentration on the field. She is dreamy enough and tends to have her nose in a book and not hear us the first time we talk to her at home. But on the softball field she is tuned in and knows where the ball is. She made a couple of good fielding plays at her game. She's loving the morning creativity camp. I will get to see her castle model tonight as well as the invention.

I will miss them all as they head out next Tuesday. But I plan to enjoy the quietude for a while too. I look forward to getting some major housecleaning done. Need to plan for some fun stuff as well as my puritan chore list. A former preschool parent acquaintance just let me know that her African drumming group is playing on Thursday night at the outdoor pool of all places. We happened upon them playing at South Park one night, it was a beautiful twilight and Nod and I grooved on the drumming while the kids climbed trees and hit the playground. Serendipity, man.

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