Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hoping I don't have pink eye. I have been assuming that my slightly goopy and itchy right eye was due to allergies. I'm going to keep operating with that assumption unless it gets a lot worse.

Spoke with my MIL last night. We'd swapped a couple of voicemail messages but I hadn't actually spoken with her since the surgery. She sounds tightly wound. Which is her right because she is unable to live in her house right now. This is the house where she was going to gently convalesce with the help of a network of friends who were going to visit and bring food and do chores for her. But it is uninhabitable because there was a sewage backup only a few hours after Nod and the girls left Elaine to come back to Kansas. E's house is 50 years old. It has enormous live oak trees in the front yard and a long slope from the street to the house. Of course it is tree roots that are blocking the sewage line. Austin has a heritage tree law that complicates the plumbing estimates which are both over $10K.

E has been at a friend's house for almost a week. It sounds like an assisted living facility has been identified for her to move to for a while, to wait out the plumbing repairs. E's also having some trouble working with her appliance, ostomy bag, which makes nursing assistance more urgent. I am shying away from all this. Nod and his brother have been working the phones and coordinating estimates and insurance claim info and I'm quite proud of them both. I just want to curl up in a ball and fast forward a few months to when everything is more stable and less sewage-y. I'm bothered by the tardy pathetic fallacy of E's house having a sewage line emergency right after she had her colon removed. It would have to be edited out of fiction as obvious and heavy handed.

My mother flies in this afternoon and we will have a long weekend with her. My big houseclean while the kids and husband were out of town has not carried all before it in an irresistible wave of tidiness. But it's a whole lot better than before. We'll crank the A/C to the low 70s and hope that she'll be able to sleep upstairs.

Which reminds me that I may have agreed to a 5 girl sleepover for Kat's 12th bday party in November. If we do that they'll be in the living room and we parents will have to hole up in the master bedroom. Maybe we can farm Bun out to another friend's house that night to reduce the younger sibling exclusion. Or I can think of any alternative to a sleepover.

Nod and I both fell asleep to major league baseball last night. It was nice until the phone woke us up. The night before I went to a last minute women's night gathering. I was the only one for an hour so I'm glad I made the effort. A little red wine taught me that I like Argentinian Malbec. Thumbs up on the socializing. Orchid was telling me that she had read that if your blood sugar dips your body draws extra calcium from your teeth. I will have to find some other sources for that. She's a hoot and a holler combining science-based info with lots of more new agey opinions.

Which reminds me that I watched a weird movie so you don't have to. Paul Giamatti playing a version of himself in Cold Souls. He's good and I liked the ending of the movie but I never could really go for the fantasy premise: you can have your soul removed and stored so you feel lighter and more positive about life. Even if I don't quite believe in a soul I would never want to have it removed. That's bad magic right there. My favorite part was the physical appearance of PG's soul when he has it removed. "You're telling me that my soul is a chickpea?!"

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