Wednesday, June 5, 2013

State of the state

Things are happening, just not much writing. Kat is at church camp this week. Nod will pick her up on Saturday. I am missing her but not as tightly wound about it as last year. Got cookies baked and mailed to her at camp by noon on Tuesday. Should be in plenty of time for her and her cabinmates to receive and devour them. They were snickerdoodles made with very soft butter and they ended up looking like very tasty little cowpats. I wonder if she'll send her postcards this year. Which reminds me that I need to check our mailbox.

Bun is at morning arts center classes this week. She wanted a ceramics class and what they had was half ceramics/half theater. She says it's fun. Next week she'll do another morning session at another day camp. The chauffeuring is wearing; I'm coming to work half an hour early so I can leave to deliver her. But I can do this for two weeks.

My MIL had an active stage two colon cancer found and is going to have surgery June 14. The surgeon will remove the entire colon so this is a major life changing event. Nod is figuring out when he'll drive down. Looks like he will take the girls and go down for a week. The possibility that we'll have to cancel our international travel is the lowest priority consideration at this point. I am a little disappointed in myself that I don't want to go help. I will plan to see her later this summer esp. if the Greek plans get scotched.

My mother has tickets and will fly out to see us at the end of June. She will be staying with us too. I started scrubbing the shower stall after I heard this. I suppose I'll have extra time for housework chores while my three co conspirators are in Texas.

I've jogged twice this week and start a Saturday am Zumba class in three days. Feeling ready to go in general. Here's hoping I can summon the discipline for a good push this summer.

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