Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stone Fruit Scorecard

I'm going to be making slow cooker potatoes soon. I love the idea of not turning on the oven and even skipping the 5+ minutes waiting for the microwave to steam my spud.

Then I'm going to be making some sangria. I looked up a juice-not-wine recipe to include the kids. It's so pretty and everyone should have the fun of fishing fruit bits out of their glass. Deb at Smitten has two wineful variations. Her post about hosting dinner tugs at my heartstrings too. I think I might have a sangria party and ask guests to bring appetizers. Maybe have a crock of soup for those who want plain food.

Am eating an insufficiently ripe plum. Last week's peaches and nectarines were the first I've bought this year and so good. My stone fruit score card is still winning. Waiting impatiently for the new batch of peaches in the fruit bowl on the table to ripen.

I tried staying up to watch the rest of Pitch Perfect last night. I started watching it with the girls but it is all college student hijinks and we all agreed not really a good match for 9 and 11 y.o.s. We switched to Men In Black II and were very happy. I thought I'd finish PP off before returning it but of course left it until the last night and couldn't stay up for it. Bun called me at one point and wanted comforting, she couldn't get to sleep. It hardly ever happens with her. Got her settled and got myself to bed by 10:45 but I am dragging at the end of this week and having a hard time getting my extra half hour in the morning at work. I have a request in at the library. I'll probably get to see the end of the movie by the end of the summer.

Sounds like Nod will drive down with the girls some time the week of June 17 and stay a week with his mom. I hope everything goes as well as possible. I need to do some research on this surgery and am dreading it.


Lucy said...

How did the potatoes go? I'm nervous of using the slow cooker dry, as roasting garlic in my old one with next to no liquid seemed to precipitate its final demise and cracking right across. It was about 35 years old - my mother had had it before me - and had been used extensively, so it didn't owe me anything!

Nimble said...

@Lucy. I also have a practically free slow cooker from the early 70s. I got mine at the Lutheran church rummage sale for $1. I will report back once I complete my first potato experiment.