Friday, July 5, 2013

Caution tape and camel

We ducked under the plastic tape and stepped over the wire fence. We were aiming for a spot on the levee to see the fireworks which are shot over the river. I thought the plastic CAUTION tape was put up by people who were marking a field to charge for parking. Then the show started and we were lit up -- in the field directly to the north of the launch site. Aha - so that's what the caution tape was for. We skibbled to the edge of the field and ducked out under the plastic tape again. Spread our blanket and had the best view of fireworks I have had, maybe ever. It was worth feeling like a stricken dumbass when those first shots went up. It was the best 4th evah!

Mothers are well. Mine came and stayed for five days and left on Tuesday morning. She was in better spirits than the last time I saw her. We were all a little sorry she couldn't bring her poodle puppy with her. We didn't do a lot of things but I think she and the girls had some good time together and I was glad to see her. She doesn't get a lot of joy out of life but she is witty and loves me and I want her to be as content as she can be. My MIL is in the assisted living place while her house's sewer pipes are fixed. The plumber's contract has been signed and we are waiting to hear when the work will start. Today would be good. E is healing but not too quickly. She's able to get outside and walk, I was very happy to hear that.

SIL called me at work on Wednesday and I was worried a crisis had come. (i.e. Who died?!) But it was just the crisis that she doesn't want to give up her holiday in Crete. I guess if you live in Wales you need the promise of occasional travel to a sunny vacation destination. I have to hold Nod down and get him to discuss this with me. He wants to push the tickets out til next summer. But Renee is firm that they are going, will rent a smaller place and that we should come too without E. I would like to take the girls overseas but don't want to rock boats. Need to decide what I want the most otherwise will just be sloshing between those two strong opinions.

Here's yer camel picture. Every year a fireworks stand by the highway has free camel rides for a couple days including 7/4. It was positively chilly after an early evening rain shower. Good fun to see the girls on the camel and to see Nod having such a good time picking out $15 worth of fireworks. Of course he did go back to the stand last night to "get a few more things". Which he ultimately did not have time to set off. Ah well.

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